Useful Links

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, or if you manage a golf country club, these golfing websites will surely make a great reading habit in your free time:

  • com – This golf website, regarded as one of the best and biggest online golfing resources, has everything a golf lover needs—from news of all major golf tours, equipment reviews, and travel to blogging, instructions, and shopping.
  • GolfDigest – Golfers of all ages and skill levels are sure to love exploring exceptional sites like GolfDigest that is packed with useful information, news, instructions, and videos about golf.
  • nl – In collaboration with the National Golf Foundation (NGF), is a comprehensive resource for news, opinions, advice, and tips for golf enthusiasts.
  • Hitting It Solid – This golfing blog aims to make golf instruction as simple as possible for every golfer to help them learn and improve their scores faster.
  • COMWhen you want to be updated on the latest happenings in the men’s U.S. PGA tour, then this site is worth following. It provides player statistics and profiles, with a focus on the main men’s tour. It also features the U.S. Seniors’ Tour, tour, and other golf tours.
  • com – Another great instructional website for aspiring golf pros, Rotary offers detailed yet easy-to-learn golf instructions based on facts that focus on three aspects: golf swing physics, the body, and the brain.
  • The Perfect Impact System – An instructional golf website, The Perfect Impact System features videos that provide helpful instructions on improving one’s golf game, courtesy of PGA professionals like Tom Stickney.