Golf Course Accident involving Tree Surgeon

A tree surgeon fell to his death whilst working at a golf course with his rope getting tangled on branches that were falling and pulled him to the ground, an inquest heard.

The worker was attempting to trim a 75 foot high conifer at Kenneth Way golf club in the St George area of Bristol, when this shocking accident happened.

The 46 year oldtree surgeon was crowning at the top of the tree when branches fell into and became entwined with his rope, causing him to fall.

The tree operator is thought to have died from injuries sustained in the fall in November 2016.

The inquest heard that he and his business partner from the local tree surgeon company  were hired by the golf club to prune twenty conifers on and around the course

They were helped by another contractor who worked on the ground overseeing the work and assisting with communication.

‘He was breathing at this point but his eyes had rolled back into his head. I was in sheer panic. I didn’t understand how it could have happened because the trees are a bit like nests so the branches would have broken his fall.’

Colin said: ‘He climbed to the highest part of the tree, attached the pull line to the top of the tree and threw it out so that I could catch it. He climbed back into the conifer and I couldn’t see him at all because there was so much foliage.

‘I pulled the rope to make sure that it was attached properly and I heard him shout “No, wait, don’t pull” – and that’s when the tree started to fall and the rope became slack. He came out of the tree and the tree fell too, he fell to the bottom and the tree landed on top of him. He had been using a chainsaw at the time.

His wife said: ‘I was working on cutting some smaller branches down when I heard a crash and then I heard Ollie shout “Oh my God, he just came out of the tree!”

The mother of his children, said: ‘The last time I saw Dave was on November 18 when he came round to talk about going away for Christmas with myself and the children.