Golf Course Assessment 101: Your Top Questions about Golf Property Evaluations Answered

In the earliest phase of any golf property construction project, it’s best to conduct analysis and assessment of both the commercial and technical prospects of the property. This ensures that the golf business will not just be sustainable and profitable for the owner but will also be able to provide a pleasurable experience for all its clients.

To help you better understand what it involves, here are the most frequently asked questions about golf course assessments:

What is a golf course assessment?

It is a crucial step in any golf course development in which a golf consultancy firm evaluates the physical, financial, and environmental feasibility of a golf property. Essentially, this task is done to know if a golf course has the potential to become successful and can withstand natural disasters and other types of changes.

The results of the assessment are useful for the existing or prospective golf property owner or operator to determine if the golf course is worth investing his time and money in.

What happens during an assessment?

A golf consultant (or a team of consultants) visits the golf course and spends considerable time touring around it, including the facilities such as clubhouse and dining areas. While doing that, the consultant asks questions to the golf course operator or manager to help him better understand the conditions of the property and to contextualize any concerns or issues observed in the golf course.

The consultant then evaluates and provides a rating for each component of the golf course. An assessment report based on the ocular and interview with the owner is also prepared.

What exactly are the things assessed in a golf course?

The conditions of every component in the golf course are checked and reviewed:

  • Tees
  • Bunkers
  • Greens
  • Cart paths
  • Fairways
  • Landscaping
  • Lakes and streams
  • Equipment
  • Maintenance building
  • Irrigation system, including the water, water storage, and pump station

Thus, if you’re an aspiring golf business owner, it’s wise to invest your resources in having a golf property assessed by professionals.