Golf Course Accident involving Tree Surgeon

A tree surgeon fell to his death whilst working at a golf course with his rope getting tangled on branches that were falling and pulled him to the ground, an inquest heard.

The worker was attempting to trim a 75 foot high conifer at Kenneth Way golf club in the St George area of Bristol, when this shocking accident happened.

The 46 year oldtree surgeon was crowning at the top of the tree when branches fell into and became entwined with his rope, causing him to fall.

The tree operator is thought to have died from injuries sustained in the fall in November 2016.

The inquest heard that he and his business partner from the local tree surgeon company  were hired by the golf club to prune twenty conifers on and around the course

They were helped by another contractor who worked on the ground overseeing the work and assisting with communication.

‘He was breathing at this point but his eyes had rolled back into his head. I was in sheer panic. I didn’t understand how it could have happened because the trees are a bit like nests so the branches would have broken his fall.’

Colin said: ‘He climbed to the highest part of the tree, attached the pull line to the top of the tree and threw it out so that I could catch it. He climbed back into the conifer and I couldn’t see him at all because there was so much foliage.

‘I pulled the rope to make sure that it was attached properly and I heard him shout “No, wait, don’t pull” – and that’s when the tree started to fall and the rope became slack. He came out of the tree and the tree fell too, he fell to the bottom and the tree landed on top of him. He had been using a chainsaw at the time.

His wife said: ‘I was working on cutting some smaller branches down when I heard a crash and then I heard Ollie shout “Oh my God, he just came out of the tree!”

The mother of his children, said: ‘The last time I saw Dave was on November 18 when he came round to talk about going away for Christmas with myself and the children.



DRAFT Possible Roofing Problems in Houses near a Golf Course

Living next to a golf course can be both a blessing and a curse. It offers a pretty high standard of living, scenic views of lush greens and beautiful landscapes, and of course, the peace and quiet that’s far from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Especially if you’re a golf lover, you enjoy easy access to the property.

But then it poses some risks, too. Your peace and quiet may be interrupted by a flying golf ball that’s about to smash your window or roof. Although the size of a golf is nothing compared to the massive size of your roof, its risks can never be underestimated. Despite its size, the laws of physics show that its weight and speed of travel are enough to cause damage to your house, particularly, the roof.

If you live close to a golf course, here are some of the roof issues that you’ll likely experience and must be aware of:


Broken roof tiles

Isn’t it annoying to see a dent or crack on your roof tile? A golf ball hitting your roof is inevitable if you live within the vicinity of a golf course, so accept that reality and be ready for any damage that it will cause to other parts of your house.

Roof leaks

Roof tiles protect your home from external elements, and if they’re broken or dislodged, the cracks can cause water to enter and can result in leaks. If left undetected and unrepaired, leaky roofs can lead to worse problems such as damage to and molds on the ceiling.

Pest infestation

Pests such as rats can enter your home through the cracks or gaps on the roof that’s hit by golf balls. Rats chew on plastic and wood, causing more damage to different parts of your house over time. Not to mention that they also carry germs that can cause diseases in your family.

To minimize the long-term effects of roof damage caused by golf balls, have your roof inspected every 6 months to 1 year and provide it treatment if necessary.

According to Dave Mustaine from Roofers Bristol UK a normal roof should be manually checked every  years anyway. So if your property is near a golf course and regularly gets hit by stray drives then you should consider checking a little bit more often!

Golf Course Assessment 101: Your Top Questions about Golf Property Evaluations Answered

In the earliest phase of any golf property construction project, it’s best to conduct analysis and assessment of both the commercial and technical prospects of the property. This ensures that the golf business will not just be sustainable and profitable for the owner but will also be able to provide a pleasurable experience for all its clients.

To help you better understand what it involves, here are the most frequently asked questions about golf course assessments:

What is a golf course assessment?

It is a crucial step in any golf course development in which a golf consultancy firm evaluates the physical, financial, and environmental feasibility of a golf property. Essentially, this task is done to know if a golf course has the potential to become successful and can withstand natural disasters and other types of changes.

The results of the assessment are useful for the existing or prospective golf property owner or operator to determine if the golf course is worth investing his time and money in.

What happens during an assessment?

A golf consultant (or a team of consultants) visits the golf course and spends considerable time touring around it, including the facilities such as clubhouse and dining areas. While doing that, the consultant asks questions to the golf course operator or manager to help him better understand the conditions of the property and to contextualize any concerns or issues observed in the golf course.

The consultant then evaluates and provides a rating for each component of the golf course. An assessment report based on the ocular and interview with the owner is also prepared.

What exactly are the things assessed in a golf course?

The conditions of every component in the golf course are checked and reviewed:

  • Tees
  • Bunkers
  • Greens
  • Cart paths
  • Fairways
  • Landscaping
  • Lakes and streams
  • Equipment
  • Maintenance building
  • Irrigation system, including the water, water storage, and pump station

Thus, if you’re an aspiring golf business owner, it’s wise to invest your resources in having a golf property assessed by professionals.

4 Best Golf Courses in Ohio: The Favorite Places to Play Golf

Ohio is home to one of the most avid golf fans in America. Although this midwestern state is more popular for its exclusive private clubs, it’s also a prime location for public golf courses that offer member-for-a-day and daily-fee options for people who just want to play golf for leisure.

Here are four of the top picks among golf fans:

1. Virtues Golf Club, Nashport

One of Ohio’s most famous public golf courses, the Virtues Golf Club (formerly known as the Longaberger Golf Club) is top-rated by Ohio residents and visitors because of its captivating beauty. Playing golf there is like being in your own little world. Guests also note that this golf club is always well-maintained. Indeed, it’s one of Ohio’s best properties for playing golf.

2. Black Diamond Golf Course, Millersburg

If there’s one place that you must not fail to visit in your lifetime, it’s the Black Diamond Golf Course. An hour and a half away from Cleveland, this unique and stunning golf property is ideal for spending the weekend playing golf with your buddies or family. What makes every game exciting here are the tired greens and cascading fairways that provide an extra challenge before every stroke.

3. Windmill Lakes Golf Club, Ravenna

The Windmill Lakes Golf Club consistently ranks among the list of the best golf courses in Ohio, thanks to its picture-perfect scenery and massive, verdant greens. Since its opening in the 1970s, it has hosted many professional and amateur golfing events.

4. Shale Creek Golf Club, Medina

Dubbed as a world-class granite golf property, the Shale Creek Golf Club features five sets of tees on every hole so that golfers of all levels can enjoy playing amid a scenic, panoramic backdrop of large greens. It also features a clubhouse that can be used as a venue for weddings and other events, offering a unique public dining experience.

Is your favorite Ohio golf course on this list? If not, let us know about your experience playing there!