IGCCA: Your Best Partner in International Golf & Country Club Assessments

International Experience

We have been in the business of golf property assessments for more than 20 years. Our two decades’ worth of experience in international golf include the following:

  • National race organizations
  • Senior management position at the largest golf hotel in Europe and host of four Ryder Cup and five B & H European Tours Events
  • Directorship in one of the top-rated golf clubs in America
  • Buying and selling of high golf travel

Our Philosophy

Quality service is when the experiences of your clients match their expectations.

With a background in international hotel management, we are very much meticulous and through when it comes to service quality—and golf accommodations are no exception. We believe that a great golf experience depends not just on the course but also the amenities that guests can enjoy and the quality of services provided to them. After all, the kind and level of service that a company offers sets it apart from the competition.

Our Mission

We aim to provide impartial and honest assessments on golf courses and country clubs. Our findings come from quality measurements and can serve as a basis for administration or management of golf courses for the best golfing experience.